Did you know, people check notifications on their smartphones or mobile devices to find things they need or want nearby?

Businesses, network marketers & organizations are taking advantage of proximity marketing technology & are promoting their products, services & events on the GO by Asirvia to help them create more exposure.

Using proximity marketing on the GO by Asirvia, your 40characterorless message could be viewed by people with smartphones and mobile devices nearby too.

"What is proximity marketing on the GO by Asirvia?" you're wondering.

And if you arrived at this website via a notification on your smartphone or device, you're probably wondering how it got there.

Watch this short video below to find out.

Learn how proximity marketing on the GO by Asirvia is changing the way business owners & network marketers promote their products & services. You'll also see how realtors can benefit from advertising their listings & virtual tours on the GO. Not forgetting charities & not-for-profits that can create awareness and exposure for their causes & fundraisers by using the GO too.

The only question now is: how many GO subscriptions do you need?


Let people nearby know that you have what they need or want.

Proximity Marketing on the GO by Asirvia is the latest way of advertising & it's quickly advancing with more new features to help businesses, network marketers, charities & organizations. If your business is in a slump, your charity needs more exposure, or you need help driving traffic to your website, proximity marketing on the GO may just be the solution to your problem!

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